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New Relic



We assisted Comverge in the extension and modification of their core Demand Response Energy software to allow them to become the sole provider of DR in South Africa. This was a year long project that involved extensive modification of a Ruby on Rails application and some targeted use of Backbone.js in order to accomplish significantly challenging front end applications.


Investigative News Network

Working alongside Involution Studios, Test Double helped the Investigative News Network create an innovative social fundraising tool called Impaq.Me. Philanthropic foundations interested in ensuring their money goes where it will have the biggest impact can launch a campaign with Impaq.Me, wherein a larger allocation of funds will be awarded to sites whose content receives greater engagement from readers. Participating publishers and non-profits can then easily embed the Impaq.Me sharing tool on their website. Learn more about Impaq.Me on its website.


Open Source

Lineman is a command-line utility that is hyper-focused on helping web developers build first-class JavaScript web applications. Lineman provides a thin wrapper around a number of client-side productivity tools (primarily Express, Grunt, and Testem), with the goal of helping developers focus on writing awesome web apps instead of worrying about workflow configuration. Learn more.

Device Integration


The device integration project involved implementing a brand new, low level communication protocol with a new energy meter that had not been previously integrated with Comverge's main software. We were able to accomplish this using Ruby, a Test Driven Development approach, and eventually extract a reusable gem for Comverge that can be utilized with any device adhering to the protocol.

Consumer Engagement Portal


We led the development of a consumer engagement portal for Comverge that utilized responsive design, front end development, and integration with a lightweight API on a Ruby on Rails server. You can read more about this effort from their public press release.

Energy Navigator


The energy insight project was a complete rewrite of their consumer facing analysis tools. These tools were previously very limited in the amount of data that could be displayed and in the manner in which it could be manipulated. This project involved working with the Highcharts JavaScript library, Backbone.js, and a backend Rails API in order to provide real time analytics on energy consumption for Comverge's Commercial and Industrial clients.